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Whole Wheat Flour Chakki Atta 20LB

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Chakki Atta 

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is all about, exercising and taking a balanced diet. Diet has a profound effect on body health, and the largest source of nutrition actually lies in Chakki Atta or Whole Wheat Flour. 

Chakki atta is the flour that is used to make ‘rotis’, or ‘flatbreads’.  It is a staple food in desi households. 



  • High nutritionals value- Chakki Atta is richer in nutritional value when compared with Fine Atta. 

  • Rich in Fibre- Promotes a good digestive system

  • Rich in Vitamin B complex - Which is good for nerves and metabolism 

  • Reduces the risk of chronic diseases 

  • Lowers blood cholesterol levels 

  • Helps you get fit 

  • Has a good texture and nutty flavor 

  • Prevents weight gain 


Rotis are the foundation of desi culture and it is important that you select a flour that has high-nutritional content, has a good texture and will help improve your body's metabolism. Chakki Atta is the best choice as it will form a staple part of your diet.


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