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Hemani Food Forks - Har Din Zaykedar

Hemani Food Forks - Har Din Zaykedar

Celebrate the love of food with Hemani!


We bring you some super exciting recipes which are scrumptious, easy & quick. There are 3 Episodes and each episode will have Appetizer, Main Course & Dessert. 

Episode 2 is here foodies!

Gear up and get ready for one more episode of extreme deliciousness, flavour and easy recipes. Don’t forget to try all the amazing recipes at home and make your guests fall in love with the food! ✨

Episode 2:

Appetiser - Sooji Aloo Pakora           Main Course - Chicken Shawarma Poutine           Dessert - Fruit Custard & Jelly

Dec 15th 2020

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