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Health benefits of Eating Sooji Coarse

Health benefits of Eating Sooji Coarse

Sooji, semolina, and rava are all the same thing. It is also called granulated wheat that is used for making pasta, cereals, puddings, pizzas, gnocchi, and the list goes on. Is your mouth getting watery? Mine too. Sooji Coarse is mostly yellow when it comes from durum wheat, and it is white when it comes from some other sources. This type of flour has a strong aroma, which is not found in any other flour. It is easily available in supermarkets or stores. However, due to its uncountable health benefits, it is the most common type of flour used by people. Let’s discuss some:


Sooji helps us in diabetes as it has a low gluten intolerance. Other than the white flour, it helps in a smooth digestion function and the absorption of the intestine and stomach. Due to its slow and gradual function, the fluctuations in the glucose level are prevented, and thus prevents diabetes. As sooji contains 8% of magnesium, it also promotes the cell’s insulin activity, and reduce the risk of diabetes by 14%.

Weight Loss

When our digestion and absorption speeds go slow, our body does not desire for more food, and it can stay without any food intake for a long time. This will result in a longer time between the meals, and it can also result in fewer meals. The fiber present in the appetite keeps our stomach full, and thus it leads to ultimate weight loss. When a meal contains 40 grams of carbohydrates, it is rendered equal to regular-based activities too.

A Balanced Diet

A meal is rendered as a balanced diet when it contains all the essential nutrients needed. Some may include carbohydrates, fiber, protein, vitamins, etc. Sooji Coarse has a blend of all types of essential nutrients. It contains iron, which helps in producing hemoglobin. It contains several types of vitamins that contain energy and it also improves our brain function. Folate is also one of the nutrients which helps in producing DNA and RNA.

Digestive Health

People with digestion problems intakes sooji-based products usually. Due to a high fiber source, it helps in good bowel movement and with constipation too. This type of fiber also enhances the growth of healthy gut bacteria, which in turn balances the optimal digestion, metabolism rate, our immune system, etc.


Aging is quite a problem nowadays, but with sooji-based products, say goodbye to it. It has selenium, which prevents cell membranes to DNA degradation. As selenium is an antioxidant, it also prevents one from certain heart diseases, cancer, and other deadly diseases. It also grows free radicals, which make our skin more stabilized.

Cholesterol Levels

As sooji is rich in fiber, it ultimately bids out the risk of heart diseases by 21%. Fibers can also decrease our bad cholesterol level and blood pressure, and it also decreases inflammation. One should intake as much of sooji as possible, as it decreases our bad cholesterol by 5% in just three weeks.

These are a few advantages of sooji that can save your life and be immensely advantageous for your health. 

Feb 15th 2020

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